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Military Audio

All audio recorded by webmaster in east central Kansas, using a Uniden BC780XLT and ScanRec recorder. All files in are in WAV format, with file size listed in parentheses. Newest additions are listed first.

BRAVE 1 BRAVE flight of fighters training in Eureka MOA. Very interesting conversations as they try to figure out who is where, and who is shooting at which enemy (391K). Continues with BRAVE 2 including "Three and Four are RUNNING!" and "There's somebody in our six o'clock" (961K). Second, shorter engagement in BRAVE 3 with my favorite line-- "Shoot 'em if you got 'em" (540K). March 25, 2002.

DRAGNET VICTOR AWACS calls J-STARS on 364.2. March 21, 2002. (47K)

EYE-OPS 81 Probable B-2 returning to base on March 8, 2002. 381.3 MHz. (88K)

RAZOR 33 J-STARS calls Offutt AFB via phone patch through Whiteman AFB. 311.0 MHz. Feb 4, 2002. (22K)

AWACS Data-Link One minute sample of the data transmission signal typically associated with AWACS operation. 341.75 MHz. March 1, 2002. (160K)

Targets Attack aircraft-- probably TALON flight-- discussing ground targets at Smoky Hill Bomb Range. 316.9 MHz. Feb 22, 2002. (266K)

ACM 01 Air Combat Maneuvering practice between unidentified units, probably in Eureka MOA, over E KS. 264.6 MHz. Feb 4, 2002. (113K)

SENTRY 31 AWACS E-3 attempts to raise RAYMOND 24 (Tinker AFB, OK) on 381.3 MHz. Jan 10, 2002. (35K)

MAGIC 77 AWACS operator switching to secure comms. 323.8 MHz. Jan 10, 2002. (21K)

SCALP 93 --SCALP 93 (B-52) checks in with Smoky Hill Bomb Range just prior to arrival for exercises. 316.9 MHz. Jan 12, 2002. (42K)

JEST-TUFF --JEST 01 and TUFF 41 on 366.3 MHz, refueling practice on AR-116. Audio switches to Center freq 120.2 at very end as aircraft call ATC. Jan 11, 2002. (170K)

TBIRD 08 --THUNDERBIRD 08 and WYLIEs with chat on boom freq while refueling, then contacting Center on UHF and VHF simultaneously. Lots of blocked traffic, relays, confusion, etc. Four minutes long! Jan 11, 2002. (600K!)

TROPO 41-FAST 15 --TROPO 41 calls Whiteman on 381.3; FAST 15 on 257.85. Jan 10, 2002. (101K)

RUBBER 32 --RUBBER 32 (KC-135R) calling ZKC on 360.85. Jan 01, 2002. (60K)

LINK 21 --(sounds like) LINK 21 clg LINK CONTROL (Whiteman AFB) on 381.3, later called Whiteman Approach on 284.0. Jan 01, 2002. (55K)

RUBBER 32 --RUBBER 32 (aka GINO 66), on 321.0 MHz, relays a message from SHOCKER CONTROL to KANZA 66, who is farther away from SHOCKER than RUBBER. Got all that? From Dec 20, 2001. (173K)

More to come!

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