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Military Audio Captures

RAM 41/42 air to air on 138.25 --Jan 1, 2002

RAM 41-1 --Discussing ponds, railyards, etc, in area of operation.
RAM 41-2 --Interesting bit about procedures for training routes.

Others from Jan 1, 2002:

RUBBER32-1 --calling ZKC to arrange the trip home.

LINK21-1 --(sounds like) LINK 21 clg LINK CONTROL (Whiteman AFB) on 381.3, later called Whiteman Approach on 284.0.

Older files:

RUBBER 32-2 --12-20-01, 321.0 MHz-- RUBBER 32 (aka GINO 66) relays a message from SHOCKER CONTROL to KANZA 66, who is farther away from SHOCKER than RUBBER. Got all that?

More to come!

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