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Just For The Record...

Welcome to my homepage. My reason for making a page on the Net is to create a base for my Net activities (and it's kinda fun, too). Maybe my links will be of interest to you, too. If not, you can cruise through the pages of some of my friends. At any rate, if this page is scary and/or primitive, that's because I don't really have a clue what I'm doing. I expect to update this page every now and again (I'll always try to make sure that my links really do go somewhere) as I find other cool places I like to visit.

Who am I? I live in Kansas, in a pretty small town, and I'm attending college. My diverse interests include comic books, astronomy, law enforcement (It's also my intended career), cycling, science fiction, drawing, aviation, and movies (whew!).But that's just me.

The Links

NEW!! The Simon & Simon WebSite--probably the only one in existence!

My Friends (such as they are)
The Sluglands A peculiar site run by my friend Jeremy Kramer. Watch your step.
Cory My friend Cory Cannon's page. Enter at your own risk.
Scott My friend Scott Reno's page. He is the Man.
Eric He's just plane crazy (I know--*groan*)

Joe's Law Enforcement Links!
The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
Kansas Law Enforcement
Emporia Police Dept. the page of the Emporia, Ks. PD
Emporia Fire Dept. the page of the Emporia, Ks. FD
KCKPD the Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.
KHP the official page of the Kansas Highway Patrol
KBI the home of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation
FBI KC the FBI Kansas City Field Office
KLETC the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

Federal Law Enforcement
FBI your direct connection to the Federal Bureau of Investigation
U.S. Marshals Service the official page
DEA the federal Drug Enforcement Administration

Law Enforcement Organizations/Sites
Copnet the ultimate police resource site
Police Officer's Internet Directory a large set of LE links

Skywatcher's Diary a page for backyard astronomers
What's Up This Month maps and info for the night sky
Stars and Constellations more astronomy stuff
Mount Wilson Digitized Sky Survey the Palomar Observatory comes to you
The Earth/Moon Viewer beautiful real-time pictures of Earth

Space Travel
NASA The Main Page
Today At NASA updated daily
The Space Shuttle NASA's shuttle update page
ISS Mir Page updates, and photos; get 'em while its still alive
Voyager Project Home Page monitoring our ambassadors to the universe
The Cassini Mission the official page on the Saturn probe

Religion (or lack thereof)
The Atheist Web An excellent resource for the open-minded individual

Science Fiction
Blade Runner
Official Blade Runner Online Magazine For those deprived of the Official Souvenir Magazine
Blade Runner FAQ Homepage BR pictures, sounds, links and more
Replicant City a cool-looking new site, mostly under construction
Blade Runner Script the complete film script with images
The X-Files
The X-Files The one and only official X-Files Page
X-Files Underground A well-done X-F fan page
Buckaroo Banzai
WorldWatch Online a large and devoted B.B. site
B.B. FAQ rare and interesting info on the movie
Star Wars
Star WarsThe official S.W. prequels site
The Millenium Falcon An amazing page about the coolest ship in sci-fi
Boba Fett Multimedia Vault A huge, Fett-intense site
Boba Fett another devoted page; good links

Homicide One of the greatest cop shows on television
NYPD Blue Homepage A nice Blue page with good pictures
Miami Vice A cool page on the excellent TV show
Airwolf it's peculiar, but decent
Internet Movie Database okay, so it's not TV, but it's really good

The Dark Knight Companion an encyclopedia-style guide all about Batman
Kingdom Come an impressive unofficial page
WildStorm A Division of Image Comics
Bone The official page of the comic
Watchmen an annotation including a character guide and timeline
Watchmen another analysis of the classic comic
Wizard The Guide To Comics

The Tick Headquarters an unofficial site on the comic and the show
The Ultimate Blues Brothers Site The name says it all
Mystery Science Theater 3000 The official MST3K page
Joel Hodgson Antsite A strange page on the original and best MST3K host. Shortcut to map
Space Ghost The weird official page
More Space Ghost An even wierder page

Good Stuff
The Helen Hunt Shrine What can I say? You just have to go.
Sandra Bullock Homepage Good pictures and links
Winona Ryder Heaven the title fits the site

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