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Joe's Photo Gallery
Last Update-- 08-30-2002

RAF Nimrod MR2 Offutt Air Show-- August 24, 2002
AWACS E-3 Sentry
Eagle F-15 working with the humidity
Eagle #2 making a close pass
Eagle #3 just a blur now
F-14 Tomcat waits for action
F-117 low and quick
F-117 #2 Stealth fighter, up close
Dogfight "Don't strafe the tower, please!"
P-25 classic Mustang rolls into a tight turn
B-25 WW2 Bomber, the B-25 Mitchell
B-52 a few decades worth of bomber, the B-52 Stratofortress
B-1 one more bomber, the B-1 Lancer
EC-130 Electronic warfare bird, the EC-130 Compass Call
Nimrod British RAF anti-submarine warfare plane, very cool
JATO Blue Angels C-130 with Jet-Assisted Take-Off device

The Blue Angels
Special Blue Angels Section:
Inverted Pass they don't cruise by slowly doing this, either
Gear Out ready for technical inspection
Taxi they even do formations on the ground
Crew ground crew awaits
Turn I love this shot; can't help it, don't know quite why
Navy Whites the formal reception
March the pilots assemble

There's more to come. I didn't even get the JSTARS or U-2 in this pack!

B-1 Lancer B-1 Afterburner Night, McConnell AFB-- August 3, 2002
Low Pass everybody wave at the pilot!
Side View
Underside the angle of the pic is accurate, it was pointing down real close to the ground
Tower Pass reeeaal loud, with a great view
Others the parking ramp, with an RC-135 and B-52

Panoz LMP 01 Road America 500, at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin-- July 6-7, 2002

trackside Dad doing what he taught me to do
Corvette heaven the garage
Audi the fastest LMP team
Saleen S7 the Konrad Motorsport car takes a break
on-track Corvette followed by a Pilbeam
GT Ferrari leading a Vette to the garage
Knighthawk one of the Lola LMP 675s, quick when it works right
Champion Audi Stefan Johannson rolls up his sleeves
Franz Konrad Saleen owner/driver after a couple quick laps
MDB Panoz Beautiful Panoz LMP 07s in the garage
GTS Ferrari in between track runs
Frank Biela Audi driver climbs out after a run

Corvette C5-R Jan Magnussen putting in the ear plugs/radio speaker
Jan #2 ready for 200 MPH
Johnannson Stefan Johannson waits as his car is worked on
Milka Duno She's a blur
Saleen S7 cooling down in the pit box
Audi Rinaldo Capello in the lead
Historic Race 80's sportscars still have the spark
Viper Dodge GTS entry on the track
Magnussen Jan guides the Panoz on-track
Touring Car Race one driver making a visit to the gravel trap
Saleen S7 GTS car bound for the garage
Andy Pilgrim Corvette team driver waits for his chance on the track
GT Ferrari in classic Italian red
David Brabham Look out for the trees, David! (It's just a perspective thing, actually)
Saleen S7 Borcheller fights the Corvettes for position
Rafanelli Ferrari GTS car on pit road

FOCUS! Terry Borcheller mentally prepares for the race Dick Barbour Panoz another road-weary LMP 07 fights on
Corvette up close in the garage
Panoz David Brabham in a hurry
Capello Audi driver pushing the pace

Wallpaper Section
Clouds01 1024x768 size
Audi #2 Rinaldo Capello at the wheel

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