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Eat At Joe's

Rev. 2001 oo Last Update-- Er, in progress

Welcome to Joe's home on the Internet. This is a repository of all the places I visit frequently on the net, and my small contributions to it. Peruse at your leisure:

Joe's Topic Pages

Astronomy * Auto Racing * KS Air Traffic Control--Milcom
Radio Scanning * Severe Weather

Other places of interest to Joe:
Law Enforcement
ooo APB the latest news on the world of criminal justice
ooo Law Enforcement Sites on the Web Ira Whilsker's massive homepage- page 1 of 8

ooo Police Officer's Internet Directory one of the best collections of LE links
ooo all the scanner broadcasts- police, fire, and air
ooo See Also: Eat at Joe's Scanner Page

Pontiac Sunfire
ooo a whoppin' big site devoted to the Sunfire and Cavalier
ooo J-Body Performance see the massive FAQ
ooo Sunfire Speed good links, nice pictures, hot car
ooo The Sunfire Club a tribute to one car
ooo Team Forward Motion a nation-wide group of J-body owners, with good mod information
ooo J-Body Webring go see the list of sites

ooo the excellent official site
ooo Sweet Surrender very nice; lyrics, pics, etc.
ooo Fumbling Toward Sarah McLachlan ooh, different pictures
ooo The Sea of Waking Dreams a very current site on the world of Sarah
ooo Sodess a Sarah Dedication
ooo a very professionally done site


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Eat At Joe's

Astronomy * Auto Racing * HOME * KC Air Traffic Control * Radio Scanning * Severe Weather

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