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Astronomy-Sky Watching
Bad Astronomy oh, this is a good one. Well worth a visit. Carl Sagan would be proud.
Skywatcher's Diary a page for backyard astronomers
What's Up This Month maps and info for the night sky-Recommended Site
Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler that astronomy guy with the big eyes
Star Date the astronomy radio show
Stars and Constellations more astronomy stuff
Mount Wilson Digitized Sky Survey the Palomar Observatory comes to you
The Earth/Moon Viewer beautiful real-time pictures of Earth
Solar System Live see the planets in real-time
Spacewatch Program they're watching for those uninvited guests

Space Travel
NASA The Main Page
Today At NASA updated daily
The Space Shuttle NASA's shuttle update page
Live Shuttle Tracking Monitor a live data feed from the shuttle with map and updates
International Space Station The official ISS page
ISS Orbital Tracker a similar tracking system from the NASA site
J Track Spacecraft NEW! Real-time tracker for about anything in Earth orbit! Check out the 3D version!
Mir Space Station Page updates, and photos; get 'em while its still alive
Voyager Project Home Page monitoring our ambassadors to the universe
The Cassini Mission the official page on the Saturn probe

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