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OOOO Welcome, welcome to Eat At Joe's! Why Eat At Joe's? What do you mean; did you never watch cartoons? Oh, you mean why a website. It's to help me, and maybe you, find some of the neatest stuff on the Internet. At least, the good stuff I know about and would like to find again. Our current and expanding menu includes auto racing, weather, air traffic control, radio scanning, and more. If you know of some site that would fit in well with these listings, let me know! Grab a booth, look over our fine variety of selections, and please remember to tip your server.

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NEW! The Kansas City Air Traffic Control Page! Wanna see? It's right over here!

The S and S link/Self-plug:
The Unofficial Simon and Simon Website Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your dog.

The Unofficial
Simon and Simon Website

Nifty links that don't show up on the other pages:
CNN the best in news
The Atheist Web An excellent resource for the open-minded individual

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KC Air Traffic Control
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