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Beep...Beep...Beep... Hey, that blippy thing is a plane, right?
An Unofficial
Kansas City ARTCC
Information Page

OOOO Welcome to an unofficial page for the Kansas City Center Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). This page is intended as a reference to those interested in any of the following: aviation, radio monitoring, milcom (military radio communications), or air traffic control. It is NOT: to be used for navigational/aviation purposes, complete or fully accurate, or to be taken seriously.
OOOO If you have any additions, suggestions, corrections, etc, feel free to contact me at Eat At Joe's.

Last Site Update: 12-27-01
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AIRCRAFT CALLING KANSAS CITY CENTER, you are cleared to proceed direct to any of the following points. All ride reports ahead of you look good. If any navigational assistance is required, contact Flight Service or click TOP for an immediate re-direct to this location. Have a good day.

Local Radio Frequencies * General Aviation Radio * Links

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Sector List * * * Frequency List

Non-ZKC Zones --Local airspace not controlled by ZKC
Other Centers --Frequencies for areas bordering ZKC
Selected Designations --a list of abbreviations and more


Emergency (VHF)                     121.5

Flight Service- Private Aircraft    121.975
Flight Watch                        122.0 
Flight Service                      122.1, 122.15, 122.2, 122.3
Flight Service- Aircraft Transmit   122.5
Flight Service- Airport Advisory    122.6

Unicom- Search & Rescue Training    122.9
Unicom- High Altitude               122.975
Unicom- Helicopters                 123.025, 123.05, 123.075
Unicom- Search & Rescue             123.1
Unicom- Air to Air                  123.45


General ATC, Aviation and Reference:
Flight Tracker handy! Find that airplane! Lots of free maps, easy to use! a useful resource on airports, navaids, etc. loads of civil scanning info
NATCA the National Air Traffic Controllers Association
Cyber Air Airpark a bunch of aviation stuff download the ATC simulator! Excellent!
Monitoring Times the scanning magazine
Scanning USA still more scanning info
FAA Website the official page
Eat At Joe's Weather my little home for current info on KS and vicinity
712 ATC Links if you have too much time on your hands
Mike Hartmann a ZKC controller's homepage
NOTAMs a (fairly) current NOTAM listing, by geographical area

Gregg's KS/MO Milcom Page all the local military freqs; not easy to come by
Midwest Milcom a pile of freq info here
Northwest Aircraft Communications --excellence in monitoring
Scramble a database of aircraft serial #s
Carl Hender's Aircraft Audio loads of cool milcom audio clips
Internet Callsign List a massive list of Milcom callsigns- great ID reference
Oceana Radio's C/S List another huge set in 6 pages
Military Communications a load of info here
NCA Monitoring info on strategic military command operating methods and equipment- interesting
Military Radio Codes help for my Whaddidhesay Syndrome
USAF 2000 more USAF links than you can shake a bomber at
Tanker Squadrons a listing of USAF Tanker Squadrons, and links for them
Aerocom a sort-of old page monitoring military exercises
FAS-MAN-Aircraft Military Analysis Network- Military Aircraft Index--excellent!

Live Audio:
DFW Approach live from
Low Approach SoCal live audio
Chicago Approach live from Cyber Air Park
Omaha ATC and more still checking these out

Local Aviation:
Wings Over Kansas showcasing Kansas Aviation
KC Airports the Kansas City area airports system
ZDV Denver ARTCC, the neighbors to the west- Official Site
ZFW Fort Worth ARTCC, our friends to the south- Official Site

Scanner Pals:
Kansas/Missouri Scanner Radio Group a LOT of good scanning info for the region
Eat At Joe's Scanner Page okay, so this is me, but its got good general scanning links
Scan ZFW a privately-made page of ZFW info, also the DFW TRACON

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